Meet Shawn

Shawn has been with Robert W. Hughes & Associates since 2010. He began his career as a law clerk during law school at our firm learning the nuts and bolts of civil litigation. Shawn learned that clients’ needs are not met in the courtroom, but rather are met through hard work preparing for the courtroom. Clients’ goals may well be achieved in the courtroom, but it is due to the hard work Shawn invests in each case leading up to the courtroom.

After being admitted to the Georgia State Bar in 2012, Shawn began focusing his practice on his passion for individual rights – particularly in securing just compensation for those injured by the negligent, or intentional, acts of others, helping consumers who are being abused by debt collectors, and in helping individuals understand and enforce their rights.

Shawn is a trial attorney with courtroom experience in obtaining just verdicts for injured people, defending consumers against unscrupulous debt collectors, assisting business owners in protecting their business data and helping surviving family members with probate issues. Put simply, Shawn chooses to represent people he can empathize with in matters that he fully and passionately supports. He has found that individual rights are in dire need of being protected by lawyers truly dedicated to a just outcome rather than merely settling a claim just to bring it to a quick end.

Having walked in the shoes of his clients in these areas of law, Shawn can empathize with clients who feel that there is nothing more frustrating than being pressured and bullied by insurance companies, debt collectors and their respective attorneys alike. Shawn takes violations of individual rights personally and is fully prepared to go the distance when representing clients.


Personal Injury




Probate and Trusts