Hughes and Associates are experts in assisting you with resolving issues you have with neighbors, employers, employees, people with whom you have a contract or people who have committed various wrongs against you.  All of these matters fall under the general definition of civil disputes and litigation.

The good news is that most disputes are resolved short of lawsuits being filed, and almost all disputes are resolved short of trial.  Our lawyers are highly skilled at helping you resolve your disputes prior to filing a lawsuit.  Many times, simple negotiation with the opposing side is all that is necessary to properly resolve a matter.

After analyzing the facts, we will provide a reasonable expectation for the outcome of your situation. With this information in hand, we are often successful in convincing the other parties involved to accept our proposed resolution should be met without further discussion or action.

However, when simple negotiation does not work, a mediator can be brought in to further assist in resolving an issue before you take the step of filling a lawsuit. Our team of lawyers has handled many mediations both prior to filing, and after filling a lawsuit, and our attorneys are well-versed in guiding you through the intricacies of the process.

More than nine of ten civil disputes handled by Hughes and Associates are resolved with simple negotiation. Let us help you do the same.