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Our History

Hughes & Associates has grown from a small, single lawyer office handling all kinds of general law issues to a powerhouse law firm with 4 lawyers and 7 staff members dedicated to helping our clients resolve probate issues throughout Georgia.

From Clayton to Valdosta and Savannah to Columbus, Hughes and his staff have resolved more than 1,000 probate matters in more than 75 counties throughout Georgia.

Our expertise in probate matters includes establishing estate administrations, challenging wills in jury trials, resolving life insurance proceeds matters, retirement account ownership issues, helping restore bank accounts to estates when the accounts inadvertently became joint ownership accounts and assisting in the multitude of tasks to be undertaken whenever you are appointed administrator or executor.

The entire staff is trained to help folks who have recently lost loved ones. We know you are under great strain when you call us. We do everything in our power to make the probate process as easy and calming as possible.

  CEO & Founder of Hughes and Associates

Our Philosophy

Resolving probate issues throughout Georgia one client at a time.

Our Principles

Working to enforce your rights while treating you, opposing parties, opposing counsel, court personnel and judges as though our mothers were watching us.

Key To Success

Working tirelessly on your behalf to secure your goals while confronting issues with professionalism, integrity and straight talk.

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