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Whether you’re facing a probate issue or need guidance with estate planning, our Georgia probate law firm can help you find the right legal path forward. Our knowledgeable probate attorneys have decades of experience in these areas and can offer valuable advice and assistance during decisions and amid any complexities that may arise.

Probate Litigation

If you’re entering a probate litigation case – or if you have questions about whether it’s necessary – our probate attorneys are available for guidance and representation. At our Georgia probate law firm, we’ve handled a variety of cases across a range of unique situations. Please contact our team today to discuss the details.

Dispute Resolution

Alternative legal solutions are possible, and our lawyers can help you navigate many situations without a judge. Our law firm will work with you on dispute resolution, arbitration and mediation to avoid going to court with family members over issues such as trust assets or estate administration.

Conservatorship & Guardianship

When it comes to conservatorship and guardianship questions, you can rely on the Hughes & Associates team. Our probate attorneys are highly experienced in everything from estate planning to trust litigation to court disputes. We pride ourselves on keeping professionalism and integrity top-of-mind in all situations.

Estate Planning

Partner with our experienced lawyers to set up a will or trust to protect your assets and future wishes. We’ll guide you through all of the important legal decisions and ensure that your documents are set up correctly in order to be upheld in court (if necessary). Our law firm works with clients regarding wills and trusts in the Atlanta area and across the state of Georgia.

Trust & Estate Litigation

Work with our trust litigation lawyers to better understand and resolve any trust or estate planning disputes. Our Georgia probate law firm has partnered with many clients across the state to avoid unnecessary legal issues and reach their desired outcome.

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