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Filing a Year’s Support Petition Is a Viable Alternative to Opening an Estate

We saved our client more than $6,000 in property taxes by obtaining a Year’s Support Award on her behalf as an alternative to opening up an estate in the first instance. As happens with many of our clients, this client came to see us to...
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Attorney’s Fees Awarded Where Will Is Accepted For Probate Over Heir’s Objection

The firm secured another Court victory for one of our deserving clients in the form of a judgment of almost $70,000. The award compensated her for the attorney’s fees she incurred to offer a Will for probate in face of an objection made by the...
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Haven’t Received Your Inheritance?

Have you been waiting to receive your inheritance longer than you expected? If so, join millions of other folks who are expecting Personal Representatives of an Estate to get their job done more quickly than expected. In Georgia, a Personal Representative has six months from...
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Good News for ABLE Account Holders

The Federal government has announced increases in the amount of contributions that can be made to an ABLE account. If you or a loved one is the beneficiary of an ABLE account, you and others can contribute up to $17,000 in 2023 to that ABLE account....
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Georgia Court of Appeals Affirms Probate Court Jurisdiction

The firm was involved in an important case in the Georgia Court of Appeals. In this case, the court ruled in favor of our client when it reaffirmed that on a Petition to Settle Accounts, the probate judge has authority to do just about anything...
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Validity of Will Upheld in Hall County Probate Court

We are pleased to announce a victory in Hall County Probate Court, where a jury found our client’s will to be valid. The will was created by a woman who had one child who had left her estate in trust for her child with the...
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