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Are you uncertain about a Will that is being offered to probate?

If you believe a Will being offered to probate does not reflect the true final wishes of your loved one, you are on a very tight time table to challenge that Will:  YOU HAVE ONLY 30 DAYS TO CHALLENGE THE WILL! We are pleased to...
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Another Successful Victory for Our Client

We are pleased to announce a successful result for one very special client.  Our client is the administrator of her late husband’s estate.  He was a part owner in a family business.  As was her duty as administrator, our client attempted to obtain company records...
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Do you know who your parents are?

Do You Know Who Your Parents Are?   It is easy for each of us to assume our parents are who we were raised to believe them to be.  Before DNA tests were readily available, if your Mom or Dad told you that they were...
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Another Victory in Probate Court

AnotherVICTORYin Probate Court!   We are pleased to announce another successful outcome involving the removal of an executor who would not handle his duties.  In this case, three siblings had placed their faith in their fourth sibling for more than eight years as he refused...
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Caregiving For Others

Many of us know people who have dedicated their lives to caring for elderly parents, other family members or acquaintances with disabilities. It is a continuous, unrelenting, and sometimes thankless job. For non-caregivers, it often feels like someone else’s problem. As attorneys, with a primary...
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Mediation Success

We are pleased to announce another successful mediation effort.  We helped a family struggling over the appropriate care for their aging Mother.  It is not unusual for siblings to have differing views on the best way to assist their aging parents when the day comes...
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