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Another Victory in Probate Court

AnotherVICTORYin Probate Court!   We are pleased to announce another successful outcome involving the removal of an executor who would not handle his duties.  In this case, three siblings had placed their faith in their fourth sibling for more than eight years as he refused...
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Caregiving For Others

Many of us know people who have dedicated their lives to caring for elderly parents, other family members or acquaintances with disabilities. It is a continuous, unrelenting, and sometimes thankless job. For non-caregivers, it often feels like someone else’s problem. As attorneys, with a primary...
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Mediation Success

We are pleased to announce another successful mediation effort.  We helped a family struggling over the appropriate care for their aging Mother.  It is not unusual for siblings to have differing views on the best way to assist their aging parents when the day comes...
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Equifax Security Breach – Protect Yourself

What should you do to protect yourself because of the Equifax security breach? Equifax, one of the three major credit bureaus in America, experienced a security breach effecting millions of credit files. More than half of all adult Americans had some private information stolen.  Since...
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Do you need a will?

You Need a Will If You Have a Special Needs Child   In this series of blogs, we address the issues existing that would necessitate you having a Will. In our last blog, we discussed using a Will as a means of nominating a person...
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August is National Make-A-Will-Month

August is National Make-a-Will Month.  Now, I’m not sure who comes up with these various national celebrations each month, but because it’s Make-a-Will month I feel compelled to discuss with you the often-overlooked advantage of having a Will. If you have minor children, a Will...
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