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Hughes & Associates knows you’re busy running your business and living your life. So we’ve put together this resource area to save you time. On this page you’ll find:

  • Small business links that will lead you to information and forms you may need for your small business
  • Links to tax information and forms
  • Links to federal agencies and regulations
  • Downloadable forms we may ask you to complete so we can serve you better
  • Links to useful and fun websites

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Useful Links

Following is a list of Web sites we find useful or interesting, from vocabulary builders to federal agencies:

Important Senior Health Issues

According to the American Psychological Association, about 20% of seniors 65 and older meet the criteria for some kind of mental disorder. They also found that this age group is significantly less likely to receive mental health treatment, typically sticking to primary care doctors for all their needs.

While there is no substitute for seeing a mental health professional,  it’s important for seniors to have access to the most current, comprehensive information about their mental health. Below are some important resources for helpful information.