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Cindy Winnett

Cindy Winnett

Sr. Paralegal

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Cindy graduated from Gwinnett College, with a diploma in Paralegal studies.  She has worked as a Paralegal for over twenty-four (24) years.  Cindy has worked for Robert W. Hughes & Associates for more than twenty (20) years.  She currently serves as senior litigation/trial Paralegal to Robby Hughes.

Cindy’s responsibilities include case management, client contact, contact with various courts and court personnel, preparation of pleadings and discovery documents, electronic filing of documents and daily scheduling of events.  Cindy is very knowledgeable as a litigation/trial paralegal and is well versed in area of probate/civil litigation.  Cindy’s vast knowledge as a litigation/trial paralegal is an asset to our clients and firm.

Cindy is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, but has resided in Walton County, Georgia for the past twenty-nine (29) years with her husband and family.  She enjoys painting, pottery and reading in her spare time.