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Probate Litigation

A Georgia probate litigation attorney can be an invaluable resource when approaching the subject of a dispute inside estate administration. There are many different types of probate litigation, and any one of them can significantly slow the process of probating an estate and raise many questions for beneficiaries about their rights and how to safeguard them. Probate litigation can be complex, and hiring a probate litigation attorney ensures the professional representation of family members and beneficiaries.

Among the circumstances that can lead to probate litigation, some of the most common are those associated with claims of fraud, undue influence, lack of capacity, jointly held assets, and duress. Litigation can include issues of self-dealing, breach of fiduciary duty claims, breach of the prudent investor rule, and conversion. Because these circumstances can be difficult for a loved one to work through when you are in the process of attempting to recover from your personal loss, the role an attorney can play is even more critical in guiding you through this process and helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Our Georgia probate law firm specializes in these matters and can help you navigate even the most complex probate litigation matters.

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