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Filing a Year’s Support Petition Is a Viable Alternative to Opening an Estate

We saved our client more than $6,000 in property taxes by obtaining a Year’s Support Award on her behalf as an alternative to opening up an estate in the first instance.

As happens with many of our clients, this client came to see us to open her husband’s estate after his death. Once we reviewed the situation with her, we filed a Petition for Year’s Support instead of opening the estate. This alternative shielded our client from dealing with estate issues for at least six months. It also allowed her to avoid paying the creditors of her husband’s estate, and Gwinnett County forgave her property taxes on the marital residence for one year. Petitioning for a Year’s Support Award almost always is a better option than opening an estate.

Please contact our firm if your spouse has recently passed away and you are trying to handle his or her affairs. A Year’s Support petition might be an easy (and coste-effective) solution to handle the estate.


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