Corporate Planning begins the very moment you want to act on an idea you have to open your own business.  It does not go away until you are no longer involved in the business.  Whether you have a simple idea to start a business without the involvement of any other people, or your idea includes the involvement of other owners or investors, you need to insure that your form of business does not place your personal assets at risk.

Once you are operating, you want to make sure that your customers, suppliers, employees and partners act as they are supposed to act. Whether it is customers paying their bills, suppliers providing appropriate products, employees not taking your ideas and opening competing businesses or partners taking advantage of you, Hughes & Associates can help you design proper contracts to protect you in most situations.

Once problems arise, you need someone at your side who understands the problems that come with operating a business.  Robby Hughes started, operated and sold a highly successful business prior to becoming a lawyer and can help you through the minefield of problems that face owners every day.  Whether you come in for quarterly advice just to head off problems before they begin, or as problems arise and you have to react to them, Hughes & Associates is ready to stand next to you as you find answers to the problems.