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Absentee Parent and Inheritance Laws

We are pleased to announce our successful completion in a recent case in which we were hired to represent the interest of the brothers and sisters of their deceased sister and her small child.  In the case, the father of the small child, who had not seen her in many years, and he had only seen her a couple of times in her life, decided to claim an interest in the estate of the child.  The child was inheriting her mother’s estate and that estate was significant.  If the father of the child did not inherit under the laws of the state, then the brothers and sisters, our clients, would inherit the estate.  After a one-day trial, the court found that the father had abandoned the child and had given up his rights to inherit.  Once the court found that, the laws of inheritance allowed my clients to inherit their niece’s estate.  What you should take away from this is that if a person has been out of another one’s life for a significant amount of time, he may have lost his right to inherit.  Please be sure to contact us if such a situation presents itself in your life.

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