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Assistance during Probate Court Approval for Injured Ward

We are pleased to announce the successful establishment of a guardianship and conservatorship for a severely injured adult. The injured person was severely injured in an accident involving a tractor trailer. As a result of his injuries, the injured party will require extensive daily care into the foreseeable future.

We were retained by the lawyer for the injured victim to assist in establishing the guardianship and conservatorship so that the personal injury claim could be prosecuted fully. We are happy to report that the injured person’s family, their spouse, has been appointed as his guardian and a private fiduciary who is bondable to more than $5M has been appointed as the conservator. This fast action on our part has led to the payment of some of the proceeds already and allowed the personal injury lawyers to proceed with pursuing the remaining money of coverage going forward. If we can assist your firm during probate court approval for your injured victim, please let us know.


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