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Auto Insurance Policy to Cover Medical

Have you considered who would pay your medical bills if you were in a car crash?  Most people never think about that and when they do, they generally feel that their health insurance will cover the bills.  While this is true, those bills are subject to all of the other limitations built into your health insurance plan.  You have limitations on which doctors you can see, and which hospitals you can visit.  You also have limitations on your deductibles and your co-pays.  You can be in a car crash that is not your fault and end up paying out thousands of dollars of your own money because of the way your health insurance plan works.

Instead of depending on your health insurance, a very affordable and easy alternative is to buy medical payments coverage when you purchase your automobile insurance.  Medical payments coverage is designed to pay medical expenses for you and your passengers in the event you are in a car crash.  Your insurer does not care who is at fault for the crash. Many people purchase a very basic, minimum level of medical payments coverage when they buy the automobile policy.  Many times it is only $500 or $1,000.  Instead, consider buying a much higher limit medical payments coverage option; $10,000 is a good number.  Many times this will cover at least the money you would have to pay for the deductibles and co-payments for your health insurance policies.  Unlike your health insurance policy which will seek reimbursement if it pays money on your behalf, medical payments coverage usually does not have such a condition.  Therefore, the next time you renew your automobile policy or even better, today, call your insurance agent and ask for a quote on increasing your medical payments coverage to $10,000.  You will be amazed at how affordable this easy addition is to your current plan.

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