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Computer Piracy Court Victory

We are pleased to announce a victory at trial in the case of Advanced Computing Technologies, Inc. versus Delphi Communications, Inc., Brent Seyler and Sergey Alexandrov. In this case, our client, Advanced Computing Technologies, Inc., sued the defendants for computer trespass and computer theft. The individual defendants formerly were employees of my client, and left to start a competing business, Delphi Communications, Inc. When they left, they took with them copies of my client’s computer database which included computer programming and client lists. With this database, they were able to contact all customers and begin providing a competing service within days of leaving the employment of my client. The trial resulted in a verdict of $143,000 for my client. Should you have any issue with employee piracy, computer trespass or computer theft by your current or former employees, please give us a call; we can provide assistance to you.

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