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Have you been sued for credit card debt?

One of the growing trends in the world of high finance is the sale of credit card debt by credit card issuers to purchasers of the credit card debt. These consolidation companies buy your debt from a major credit card company, then begin the process of collecting the debt that the credit card company had given up attempting to collect.

The methods used by the consolidation companies border on illegal and certainly do not give the consumer much of an opportunity to succeed. As a matter of fact, many consumers simply throw the lawsuit in the trash, believing either the debt is so old that it can’t be collected, or they have little, if any choice trying to defend against this lawsuit. Sometimes, the consumer simply files bankruptcy to eliminate the debt.

At Robert W. Hughes & Associates, we work hard to represent you in these matters. Many of these collection efforts have no basis in law, and some even violate many debt collection laws. For a small price, we will be happy to defend you in these cases. In some cases, we can help you recover money for violation of the fair debt collection practices act (FDCPA).

If you have been served with one of these lawsuits, please give us a call and let us see if we can help you resolve this matter.

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