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Victory in Estate of Mia Mitchell Inheritance Case

We are pleased to report that we obtained a substantial victory for our clients in the case of Estate of Miya Mitchell.  In this case, sadly, an 11 year old girl was killed along with her mother in a horrible car crash.  Our clients, the aunts and uncles of Miya Mitchell, were attempting to stop Miya’s natural father from inheriting her estate.  The natural father of Miss Mitchell had limited contact with his daughter since her birth.  For the vast majority of her life, her father was incarcerated in federal prison.  Even after his release from prison, he saw his daughter at most twice.  He further had no paperwork to indicate that he paid any child support for her during her life.  Georgia law is very favorable for parents wishing to inherit from their deceased children when those children have no spouse and no children of their own.  However, in this case, we were able to convince the trial court that the father had abandoned his child to the extent that he no longer should be authorized to inherit from her estate.  The trial court saw things our way and now my clients are inheriting a sizable estate from their niece.

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