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Another Successful Victory for Our Client

We are pleased to announce a successful result for one very special client.  Our client is the administrator of her late husband’s estate.  He was a part owner in a family business.  As was her duty as administrator, our client attempted to obtain company records that would disclose much about the business so she could properly value her husband’s share of the business as required of all administrators.  The remaining shareholders did not want to share financial information with my client, and were hostile to her attempts to gather the information.

After following all proper guidelines for obtaining records under Georgia law, the company continued to refuse to provide the records. We finally sued to force the release of the records. After the trial court ruled in our client’s favor, the company appealed the ruling to the Georgia Court of Appeals.  The Georgia Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court’s ruling requiring the company to release the records to our client.  The case can be found at the Georgia Court of Appeals, Regal Nissan, Inc. v. Scott, Appeal No. A18A1337.

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