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Are you uncertain about a Will that is being offered to probate?

If you believe a Will being offered to probate does not reflect the true final wishes of your loved one, you are on a very tight time table to challenge that Will:  YOU HAVE ONLY 30 DAYS TO CHALLENGE THE WILL!

We are pleased to announce we have defeated yet another Will being offered for probate in Stephens County, Georgia. Our client was the only child of the deceased. In the deceased’s later years, she became an alcoholic. Our client alleged that the deceased’s sister, his aunt, was the one providing alcohol to his mother. While intoxicated, the deceased prepared a Will, leaving most of her estate to her sister and a caregiver. After more than two years of investigation into the events surrounding the Will, we were more convinced than ever that the Will did not reflect the true final wishes of his mother. As we were preparing to select the jury to determine whether the Will was valid, the deceased’s sister settled the matter by withdrawing the proposed Will she had offered to the court. This confirmed our belief that the Will was invalid.

We are quite pleased that our client, the only child of the deceased, will now inherit her entire estate.  We believe that was her wish from the beginning. If you are confronted with a suspect Will, please call us to see if we can help you defeat it.

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