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Another Victory For One of Our Well-Deserving Clients!

We are very pleased and happy to represent one partner of a company who went through a bitter breakup with his partner in 2010.  After eight years of litigation, we were able to secure a victory for our client when the trial court dismissed the complaint filed against our client by his former partner because she destroyed evidence the court found critical, not only our client’s case, but critical to defending against her claims.

Having a case dismissed for destruction of evidence is rare, but not unheard of.  If you believe legal action is upcoming, please begin taking steps to save all documents having anything to do with the future legal problem.  If the court comes to understand you had the power to save documents that later prove critical to a case, and that you destroyed those documents, your case will be much harder to win and you in fact could lose because you destroyed evidence.

Yaun v. Delinquent Tax Solutions, Inc. and Richard Watson v.

Wilber Yaun, Hayley Yaun, James Kevin Todd and Peach State Assistance, Inc.

Superior Court of Gwinnett County

Civil Action No. 09-A-10730-9

Nov. 27, 2018

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