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October 2016
We are pleased to announce another successful outcome in a Georgia Probate Court for a very deserving client. Here, we believed our client was included in his grandmother’s Will after his father had passed away. Our client’s aunts and uncles believed that the grandmother deliberately omitted him from her Will. Despite our vigorous efforts to...
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If you are for keeping your local school board in charge of local schools, vote no to the Constitutional Amendment No. 1 this year. The Georgia Legislature determined that many of our schools throughout the state are failing. Shocking that they have awakened to this decade’s old problem! The Legislature’s solution for those failing schools...
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VOTE NO TO Constitutional Amendment THREE The Georgia General Assembly, apparently upset that one of its members had been removed as a judge by the Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC), has decided that the JQC is corrupt and does not properly discipline the judges in this State. The Legislature’s solution for the problem they described is...
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Part 1 of Robby Hughes’s video series on how to prioritize your actions at the passing of a loved one.  For more information please contact the Law Office of Robert W. Hughes & Associates at 770-469-8887 or visit our website at www.hughespclaw.com.
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