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March 2015
If you have recently been injured as a result of another person’s thoughtless, careless or intentional acts, you may have a claim against that person for your injuries. This is known as personal injury law. Usually, attorneys will be happy to help you recover a sum of money to compensate you for your injuries. The...
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Many issues arise concerning how to distribute the personal property of the deceased. By personal property, I am describing those things that are generally found around the home of the deceased, and, more often than not, have a sentimental value which exceeds the monetary value of the items. Very rarely does the value of the...
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We are pleased to announce a victory at trial in the case of Advanced Computing Technologies, Inc. versus Delphi Communications, Inc., Brent Seyler and Sergey Alexandrov. In this case, our client, Advanced Computing Technologies, Inc., sued the defendants for computer trespass and computer theft. The individual defendants formerly were employees of my client, and left to start...
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