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Auto Insurance Policy to Cover Medical

Have you considered who would pay your medical bills if you were in a car crash?  Most people never think about that and when they do, they generally feel that their health insurance will cover the bills.  While this is true, those bills are subject...
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Absentee Parent and Inheritance Laws

We are pleased to announce our successful completion in a recent case in which we were hired to represent the interest of the brothers and sisters of their deceased sister and her small child. 
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What do I do when a family member dies?

The person who has passed away is identified as the decedent.  A person who is a relative of the decedent is called an heir.  A person who is left something in a will is a beneficiary. Therefore, you can be both a beneficiary and an...
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Your Will and Inheritance Tax Credit Shelter

With the ever-changing tax environment, many people have wills that not only are outdated, but could be very harmful to the surviving beneficiaries. With the estate tax exemption amount, $1M and under, many people set up their estate plan to provide money being paid into...
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